What We Believe

As you engage with Counterfeit Vlog, perhaps the most obvious question to pose, and answer, is what is real and what is counterfeit?

The short answer is that if it contradicts the Bible it is counterfeit. (There are some things not in the Bible that are still true: i.e. the earth is round, beer is great etc).

However, one of our values is in being biblically literate and not light-weight, so we want to put some bones on that as succinctly as we can within this short page.

Some of the keynote areas (not exhaustive) that we’ll be addressing will relate to:

Marriage – we believe the Bible teaches one man and one woman for life. Period.

Gender – we believe that the Bible teaches that we are made in the image of God & that He made us to be men and women with distinct functions and distinct make-ups.

Sexuality – we believe that God intends marriage to be the context for sex and that marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman for life. Adultery, homosexual acts and fornication are three of the main ways our culture perverts this design. God love us in our sexual sin but wants to free us from it.

Headship – we believe that the Bible teaches male headship (in the contexts of eldership in the Church and submission in the home) and that men and women are equal. We reject feminism and chauvinism, equally.

Holy Spirit – as well as His fruit, we believe that the gifts of the Spirit continue today and that the end-time Church will witness the full restoration of the ministry of Word and Spirit, as per monsieur Wigglesworth.

Bible – we believe that the Bible is God’s perfect Word and His revealed heart to humanity. We believe that if we do not progressively come to know and love the Scriptures, we become like cosmic sitting ducks.

Pornography – we believe this to be one of the main schemes of Satan to cripple Christian discipleship and thwart the purposes of God on the planet. We also believe that it is possible to be fully delivered into victory and freedom over this area of addiction.

The Greatest Commandment – we believe that the greatest mission in life is in growing in mature, voluntary, whole-hearted love for God.

Evangelism – we also believe that reaching the lost by proclaiming truth is why we live. In other words, we don’t think Jesus could have been clearer – there is a first & a second commandment.

Preaching – we believe the Bible teaches about power-filled preaching – expository and solid – not namby-pamby ‘talks’.

Church – we believe that too many churches are led by pastors and not enough by leaders. We believe that we are the body and Bride of Christ – the literal inheritance of Jesus the Bridegroom.

Jesus’ Second Coming – we believe that Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead. We believe that the lifestyle of the Church, and our lifestyles individually, directly influence when Jesus will split the sky. We believe that His feet will literally touch the Mount of Olives in Israel.

Prayer – we believe that the end-time Church will be characterised by lifestyles of prayer and fasting. A little like Lucy’s homesickness and deep missing of Aslan.

If you have any questions about what we believe to be real and counterfeit – and why we believe what we believe – please drop us a line via the contact form on the homepage!