Could You Help?

The vision of Counterfeit Vlog is greater than one or two botched filming jobs made with a smartphone. We believe that we’ve been called to lift our voices at this time of compromise and confusion within the Church and provide a clear voice of loving truth within culture – and all via the medium of vlogging (a video form of blog).

In Ephesians 5:11, Paul tells the church in Ephesus to expose the deeds of darkness. In Titus 1, he references the rebellious peoplefull of meaningless talk and deception who must be silenced. 

To help the growing Counterfeit Vlog team do this, we need to invest in some equipment to build a studio where the weekly content can be filmed and produced at the highest possible level.

Since launching in January 2018, we have been greatly encouraged to have met and had the assistance of a sound/visual engineer who has offered to donate their time and expertise to make this happen – now we just need some kit.

Could you GIVE to help make the voice of Counterfeit Vlog permeate throughout Church/culture like the rousing smell of lovingly-made coffee?

Please donate HERE

With sincere thanks.

The CV Team.