Counterfeit Vlog #4: The Madness of Transgenderism


For the next three weeks, Nick is joined by David Robertson to discuss some keynote issues plaguing the Church and cultures of society.

David Robertson is the senior minister of St Peter’s Church in Dundee, the very same church that was pastored by Robert Murray M’Cheyne in the 19th Century.

This week, Robertson slams the Scottish Government’s Mickey Mouse consultation and covert plan to state-sponsor the child abuse of transgenderism.


  1. The way to address this, is to explore the logic. In no other sphere in life, is something objective determined according to subjective feelings or opinion.
    We may have personal tastes and feelings about many things, what we like or prefer. But they never alter the objective facts.
    I may like blue, and dislike pink. But my liking does not alter the fact blue is blue, and pink is pink.
    I may like my cup of tea hot, and dislike it cold. But it does not alter the fact, hot tea is hot, and cold tea is cold.

    Transgenderism and the choice of subjective gender, defies reality and truth. The subject is overriding objective reality, when we call something what it is not. Because a person feels something, contrary to reality, everyone else is to deny reality, and adopt a false narrative. This is truly absurd.

    We would not accept this in any other area of life.

    Could we apply this to maths? Chemistry?

    David, your right, you cannot change what you are, by what you feel.

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